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Biological sources of morality: hierarchy and fairness.

We’ve seen before that there is no big mystery surrounding the biological origin of human morality: sociality creates the need for social norms, and thus evolution generated a complex array of natural dispositions that are tuned to allow social interactions

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Bloom’s “Just Babies” and our obsession with moralising sex

I’ve just finished reading Paul Bloom’s “Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil“, it is an enjoyable read that flows easily and never demands too much from the reader. Importantly, I did find in it one idea that I

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Science and ethics (part 4): a tool to overcome conflict or just another utopia?

If science can provide a trustworthy look into ethics, one could reasonably hope that it will provide new tools to prevent and resolve conflict. In fact, it is not hard to find scientist that are eagerly exploring this possibility. In

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Science and ethics (part 3): understanding the biological origin of human morality

Something extraordinary is happening, a cultural revolution is unfolding in front of us, and is mostly going unnoticed. Evolutionary biology, ethology and psychology are all converging to the same conclusion: our moral inclinations have clear and definable biological origins, the

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