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Web of lies and the public

In the previous two posts I’ve gone through the depressing exercise of exploring the misconstrued world-view that led the UK to leave the EU. The picture that emerges is not limited to the UK, but is a paradigm example of

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Rigorous Ethics (part 4): Boris Johnson’s ethics is delusional because it serves him well

In the previous posts in this series I’ve explored the ethical stance that underlines Boris Johnson’s political world-view. The result is harsh, my last conclusion was: “Boris’ position looks bankrupt: it doesn’t work in theory, it doesn’t work in practice

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Cognitive Attractors

Here I will explore the idea of Cognitive Attractors: this stems directly from what I’ve stated already and can be seen as another important foundation concept. According to Wikipedia (as of 07/07/2013) an attractor is “a set towards which a

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