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Sources of error: the illusory illusions of reductionism

While my discussions elsewhere are settling down, it’s time to finally tackle one basic issue that underlies all reductionist endeavours, I need to write this down also to justify much of my claims on matters of brains and minds. In

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R. Read and N.N. Taleb advocate religion as a risk-management system: I am not convinced.

My difficult relation with N.N. Taleb’s ideas has been the underlying thread of a significant proportion of posts, and I keep hoping this tension will generate useful insights. However sometimes my will to embrace ideological diversity is shaken vigorously… Rupert

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Sources of error: Essentialism Fallacy

There is a mistake we all make, and keep making, over and over, at every possible occasion, and will keep making, even after realising that we do. This happens because it is, in general terms, the most useful cognitive mistake

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Sources of error: we are all biased, but why?

Where we start by observing that both our senses and our interpretation machinery are not designed to capture reality as it is, that instead we are designed to make “useful” mistakes, and end up realising that scientists are stupid (using

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