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Problematic problems: some are good to have, some shouldn’t be solved.

This post is about problems: in proper “Writing my own User Manual” style, I’ll explore a few handy little mental tricks that make my life easier to manage. It’s a light interlude, I won’t delve into obscure philosophical problems and

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Against epiphenomenalism: summary and reply.

What follows is a direct reaction to the discussion I’ve had with Jochen below my first epiphenomenalism post. The discussion meandered into scary places, and Jochen ended up recommending me to keep it simple instead. I’m sure it is a

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Sources of Error: Epiphenomenalism (part 2)

Epiphenomena haunt me: the actual idea that we can explain any phenomena with the aid of the concept is thoroughly alien to me. In turn, this means that I don’t understand why people do rely on the concept, and consequently

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Sources of error: the illusory illusions of reductionism

While my discussions elsewhere are settling down, it’s time to finally tackle one basic issue that underlies all reductionist endeavours, I need to write this down also to justify much of my claims on matters of brains and minds. In

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It’s politics, stupid!

It’s election time in the UK, time to write down a handy little heuristic rule that I apply to guide my voting habits. The following will draw from Britain-centric examples, because that’s the milieu I’m immersed in, but the conclusions

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Many people already strongly defend the view that no one has the right to not be offended*, I agree completely. In this post I’ll try to stretch the argument even further, and propose that offensive material can, under frequent circumstances,

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