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R. Read and N.N. Taleb advocate religion as a risk-management system: I am not convinced.

My difficult relation with N.N. Taleb’s ideas has been the underlying thread of a significant proportion of posts, and I keep hoping this tension will generate useful insights. However sometimes my will to embrace ideological diversity is shaken vigorously… Rupert

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The unsolvable tension: faith, science, or faith in evidence?

A couple of weeks ago, a puzzling piece appeared on The Conversation: the title “Restoring science’s place in society will help us resolve the big debates” naturally caught my eye, and I started reading it expecting to find some hints

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More Rigorous Ethics: a look at normative societies

This is another post inspired by the remarkable work of Hiba Krisht, “an ex-Muslim, an apostate, an atheist, an escapee from the Middle East” and gifted writer. She talks about the first-hand horrors she experienced, and although her main focus

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Humans are still evolving (Sir David Attenborough is wrong on this one).

The Guardian today published a report on Sir David Attenborough intervention at this week’s Radio Times. Apparently he said the following: I think that we’ve stopped evolving. Because if natural selection, as proposed by Darwin, is the main mechanism of

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Reblogged: Thesism vs Athesism

For everyone out there, make sure you check this out, it’s seriously funny. The lab strips (most of them) are a truthful account of what I remember from my days as a molecular biologist, and a neat explanation of why

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A response to Marwa, on Dawkins tweets

This post is a direct response to the most thoughtful reaction I’ve read on the much debated Dawkins Tweets about Islam (and Nobel prizes). It is a difficult post to write, on so many levels, but want to reply for

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