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Begging for trouble: vaccine resistance and the UK

Right now, people living in the UK should be terrified, because our government is gambling with our lives and well-being, but doing so with astonishingly bad odds. Everywhere else, people should try hard to ensure their own governments understand how

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Correction: on what I did not understand about Chalmers’ concept of “Strong Emergence”.

In my previous post, I claimed (semi-seriously) that Chalmers’ argument about Strong Emergence was incoherent, and mercifully peppered the post with warnings that I was probably missing something important. Turns out I was right, because indeed, my argument was wrong.

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Strong emergence is metaphysically incoherent

Emergence is a slippery and confusing concept, one that has the capacity to produce endless debate (see Taylor 2014 for a useful and enjoyable summary[1]). In this post, I will claim that the concept of “strong emergence” as proposed by

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Labour, the media and the cultural battle

If you are interested in UK’s politics and self-identify as left-leaning, reading my previous post might have got you screaming “Yes, yes, but WHAT ABOUT the overt hostility shown by THE MEDIA?” This reaction would be predictable and somewhat justifiable,

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The recurring errors of the left

I’ve been scared for three and a half years. That wasn’t enough. Now I’m also angry. Yes, I am somewhat angry at Tory voters, but not ferociously so. The anger that hurts me the most is the one I’m directing

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The wrong kind of activism

As I start writing this, I am sitting in the inner courtyard of a beautiful hotel is Santiago (Chile); what I’m planning to write has been stirring in my mind for much too long… © 2019 Ana Tijoux. Cacerolazo: a

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