ICYMI: my contributions elsewhere

Just a short note, in case someone missed the fact that I’ve been spilling my beans elsewhere. I consider myself extremely fortunate: for reasons that I can only speculate about, the owners of two of my favourite corners of the internet have both decided to publish a post from yours truly.

In chronological order: back in March I’ve written a piece on how and why evolution can sometimes systematically favour the formation of misbeliefs. My post, entitled “Misbeliefs, evolution and games: a positive case“, is published on TheEGG (Theory, Evolution and Games Group), the main curator and contributor is Artem Kaznatcheev.
Artem has been very kind to me over a number of years, you will find plenty of short debates between us, both here and on TheEGG. TheEGG covers a wide range of topics, from evolutionary game theory, to computer science and more general reflections on epistemology and science. If you like maths, you’ll find plenty; if you don’t, you’ll get hints at what you’re missing 😉 (and much, much more).

This week I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my own lucubrations (on why it is reasonable to study the mind in computational terms) published on Conscious Entities (CE), the title is “Sergio’s Computational Functionalism“. CE is a blog entirely dedicated to the study of consciousness, with a special attention to the philosophy of mind angle, but does cover all sides of the subject. Peter Hankins, the author and CE owner, generally produces dry, witty and no-nonsense commentary on essays and/or journal articles that caught his attention – CE is a recommended “reality check” for everyone interested in consciousness and philosophy of mind. The community of contributors is informed, friendly, argumentative and very diverse. Unlike your typical “bottom side of the internet” (h/t to Dave Gorman) it is always worth checking the comments on CE (as well as on TheEGG ). After 11+ years of blogging, Peter published an entire book, which I’ve reviewed here.
For my own contribution, Peter even went through the trouble of drawing the “feature image”: it depicts my own avatar with the background of (or thinking about) Babbage’s Difference Engine. The image alone delights me far too much. I hope to make the best of the discussion in the comments section.

My short note here wants to serve as a public “thank you” to both Artem and Peter. I don’t know what to say: sometimes generosity leaves me speechless.

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