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Sources of error: the twisted rationality of double standards

I’ve written before about righteous indignation, but haven’t even touched its most peculiar property: asymmetry. Ever wondered why people like me find it easy to feel anger towards Tony Blair, but don’t seem to feel the same towards Abu Bakr

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What the hell is “Information” anyway?

DNA, ideas, knowledge, books, computations, schedules, job descriptions, money(!), bank accounts, music, culture, beliefs and every last thing that has some importance in our lives has something to do with “information”, but still, all my attempts to find a no-nonsense,

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Random thoughts on Antifragility (Part 2): the role of heuristics

How can we prepare for the unexpected? One of the central features of Nassim N. Taleb book “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder” is that the great big world is essentially (?!?) unpredictable, and that most attempts to tame it

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