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Looking into my blind spot

One should learn from mistakes, I hope we can all agree on this. But what if you never notice certain mistakes, and what if the ones you don’t notice are the biggest and most visible? Some of the things I’ve

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Recap #2: getting lost in my own muddle

In the last couple of months my original plans and general approach have been vigorously shaken. I’ve always wanted to tackle the limitations of rationality, and to show how it is difficult to avoid and/or correct macroscopic errors that invariably

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Sources of error: we are all biased, but why?

Where we start by observing that both our senses and our interpretation machinery are not designed to capture reality as it is, that instead we are designed to make “useful” mistakes, and end up realising that scientists are stupid (using

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Wrong, stupid and stupidly wrong!

After a longish pause, it’s time to start looking at some genuinely disturbing stuff: how easy it is to make intellectual mistakes, and how hard it is to notice. I’ve been procrastinating this discussion for many reasons, but mostly because

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