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Rigorous Ethics (part 2): the conservative Good according to Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s speech includes some pretty controversial concepts: it implies that greed is good, that British imperialism was good and can/should be reaffirmed (without guns), and that we should cherish Mrs Thatcher’s legacy, in search for new inspiration. To people

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Rigorous Ethics (part 1): looking at the conservative attitude as defined by Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson gave a speech. That’s old news now: thanks to some diligent preparation he was able to make a point, explain his reasoning and tell us all what he believes is good and why. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy writing

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David Chalmers on Why Isn’t There More Progress in Philosophy? A summary and comment.

Why Isn’t There More Progress in Philosophy? Now that’s an interesting topic, and one that touches my explorations in more than one way. I’ve been to David Chalmers’ talk on the subject and thought that it would be a good

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More on the selfish gene

This is a follow up on the controversy that followed David Dobbs piece entitled “Die Selfish Gene, Die”. Dobbs published a revised and much improved version, one that merits some praise and a serious discussion. When I first read the

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In defense of the Selfish Gene

This is a quick rebuttal of the thesis explained by David Dobbs in his recent “Die, selfish gene, die” Aeon Magazine article [Edit: 14/12/2013 now archived here]. It is a well written, well documented and quite long piece that tries

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Science and ethics (part 4): a tool to overcome conflict or just another utopia?

If science can provide a trustworthy look into ethics, one could reasonably hope that it will provide new tools to prevent and resolve conflict. In fact, it is not hard to find scientist that are eagerly exploring this possibility. In

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