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Science and ethics (part 1): an odd couple that should generate two siblings

Having described and discussed my methodological approach, it’s now time to see it in action. Because my final aim is to understand humans, so to avoid doing stupid errors (I’m trying to write an evidence based user manual for my

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A recap of the ground covered so far: am I moving towards “Subjective Science”? Isn’t that a paradox?

When I started this blog, I had plenty of ideas floating about, and knew that the only way to verify their congruence was to write them down, possibly in some recognisable order. The result is surprising, at least to me.

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More on sleep: what we know and what we don’t. Plus a hint on the big mysteries of human nature.

If you are not a new comer, you probably know that sleep is one of my favourite subjects. I like sleeping, but my fascination is not the result of this fact alone. It’s more than that: neuroscience is actually getting

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Science And Pseudoscience according to Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos and me.

First of all. Yes, the title I’ve chosen makes me blush, but hey, I’m just following my own plan! This post springs from a tweet by Keith R Laws (thanks!), that linked to Imre Lakatos commemorative pages, hosted by LSE.

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