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Syria, International Law, our bloodied hands and the elephant in the room

The situation is Syria haunts me, I know it is not rational, but the fact that I have absolutely no idea of what should be done never fails to make watching the news almost unbearable. It’s illogical: I know perfectly

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Dreaming and Sleeping: a follow up on Threat Simulation Theory

My previous post on dreaming and sleeping briefly described Revonsuo’s Threat Simulation Theory (TST) and proposed a possible extension. In short, I was struck by the general idea: dreams are useful to rehearse crucial skills, and wondered why Prof. Revonsuo

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A response to Marwa, on Dawkins tweets

This post is a direct response to the most thoughtful reaction I’ve read on the much debated Dawkins Tweets about Islam (and Nobel prizes). It is a difficult post to write, on so many levels, but want to reply for

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Life doesn’t come with a user manual (about the title of this blog)

In the IT industry, especially amongst the people who get to provide user support, we have a very useful (and rude!) acronym: RTFM. I admit that I frequently need to ignore the temptation to use this term when answering some

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Dreaming and Sleeping, getting closer to an explanation

This post is a quick (gut) reaction to an article recently revised (republished?) on Psychology Today: Dreams Decoded, thanks are due to Edward Craig for tweeting it. A large part of the article is devoted to Revonsuo’s threat simulation theory

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Cognitive Attractors

Here I will explore the idea of Cognitive Attractors: this stems directly from what I’ve stated already and can be seen as another important foundation concept. According to Wikipedia (as of 07/07/2013) an attractor is “a set towards which a

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